Fight Back
... with Tartar Sauce!



We may never know exactly how it happened but there's no denying the fact that lionfish (native to the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean) have been introduced into the Atlantic. 

Within 2 years of the first reported lionfish sighting in the Atlantic Ocean, they were spotted EVERYWHERE!!  They are in Florida, the Bahamas, Georgia, North Carolina... and now there is even proof that they are living AND spawning in the Gulf of Mexico!  Some biologists say that as little as 3-6 fish started this massive invasion.

WHY is this a problem?  What's all the fuss about?

With a rapid reproduction rate, a voracious appetite and no known natural predators in the Atlantic... these little critters have the ability to wreak havoc on our eco-system.  They pick a spot, become the master of their domain and they don't leave until all the food is gone.  Then they move to another spot.  They will ABSOLUTELY harm the future of our commercial and recreational fish stock.  They like to eat baby grouper, snapper, and spiny lobsters in addition to the ornamental reef fish we all like to see.

So now you know what the problem is.  WHAT, you ask, is the solution???


Every cloud has a silver lining.  Yes, we have a massive invasion of a nasty non-native species with long venemous spines that is eating all the stuff *I* like to eat.  BUT, they just so happen to be quite DELICIOUS!!

It's the NEW sustainable seafood.  Actually, it's MORE than sustainable and it's greener than GREEN!  By eating it, you're not only reducing the population but you're also saving the lives and preserving the future of tens, hundreds... maybe even THOUSANDS of native species!  And it tastes great.  So why not??  Everyone wins (well, everyone except the lionfish).

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